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A place to share ideas, resources and projects related to Computer Assisted Language Learning for ESL teachers and students.


Hello classmates, students and everyone else,

I have created this website (my first one ever) as a place for me to share what I've learned about using computers and technology to assist in the area of TESOL education. This is a current project for the Computer Assisted Language Learning Course (CALL) I am currently enrolled in. I will use this site to share ideas, projects, resources and links related to TESOL and technology in the classroom. I hope you all will enjoy and feel free to add your comments, suggestions, posts and any other related links, videos, etc.

I hope to set the site up as an interactive one that allows input from a variety of sources and people so there will be collaboration of ideas and resources.                                                  

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Mary said...

Hi Alicia - your blog looks great and has some very useful things on it already. It looks like you're working on making it as interactive as possible. The design, text, and use of photos are very nice!