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A place to share ideas, resources and projects related to Computer Assisted Language Learning for ESL teachers and students.

CALL Resources

This page is dedicated to offering teacher resources and links related to ESOL and CALL. It is being developed for my CALL course at St. Michael's College.

This dictionary is geared toward ESL and EFL learners. It has audio pronunciation for each word; Perfect Pronunciation Exercises; a list of common words to know; a subscription to Word of the Day; and the ability to create your own vocabulary flashcards with My Learners Dictionary (must set up a free account). Read the post for a little bit more information.

Online Word Based Games for ESL students is a site, by ManyThings.org, that offers three games: matching, speed games and jigsaw for practice in irregular verbs, homonyms, opposites, time words and cardinal words. In addition this site has a vocabulary section called English Vocabulary Word Lists with Games, Puzzles and Quizzes , which provides word lists and online activites that use those words. Activities include hangmang, scrambled words and matching. Read my post on online games for more information and additional links. 

Listen and Write is a web site that offers practice with listening and typing. It has leveled (1-28) video and audio clips from movie trailers to current new's events. The exercises allow students to listen to texts or videos and type the words with immediate feedback. Some of the videos come from YouTube while a large portion of the audio texts come from voanews.com giving the teacher a great wealth of current and relevant events for further discussion and writing. There is also a function that allows you to upload your own recorded videos or narrated text (you must have the full transcript to upload as well). Read my post for more information.

The Many Things organization offers a wonderful website that offers a variety of games and audio readings of books. The listening section  has a variety of listening activities such as listening and reading along to American stories. It also includes a link to watch a variety of Youtube videos for studying English verb forms, commonly confused words, FAQ and helpful tips.

Answering essay questions, a page by Professor Christine Bauer-Ramazani on how to answer essay questions. It gives tips for how to answer essays, provides key verbs to look for related to each type of essay question and a list of quick tips. There is a wonderful chart for a quick reference to understanding the purpose of each type of essay question and the appropriate approach to answering the question.  

Ms. Sanchez' Class is a wonderful site with many downloadable graphic organizers. Ms. Sanchez' Class also has a Teacher’s Corner with an abundance of resources from teacher ideas and thematic units to website links with printable worksheets and much, much more.

Read the full post for more information and additional writing links.

Teacher Tap- is a collection of wonderful links all about webquests. It has links to learn more about them, how to create your own, and a collection of Webquests to check out and start using right away. It has many links to articles about and suggested readings on Webquests. It even offers a breakdown of some webquests into categories of math, science and language.  

EnglishSpace is an internet resource for both students and teachers for of activities, storylines, games, puzzles, practice exercises and tools of study. You must join and become a member, but it’s free and provides you with access to a host of activities and games to practice frequency adverbs, opposites, reading and so much more. There is a tools page that gives you access to study tools like a dictionary and online communication with other members. There is a wonderful and quick tutorial to get you started on your adventure in EnglishSpace. Check it out!

TeacherVision is a wonderful site that has tons of resources from lesson plans to printable worksheets and graphic organizers. It also offers the option to upload widgets to wiki pages, blogs or facebook. The widget on TESOL Technology is from TeacherVision and each day shows a new 5/6th grade Language Arts printable.

Speak for Itself-a program that allows websites to turn their words into speech; if you see the 'Speak for Itself' logo that website is set up for text-to-speech capabilities.

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