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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Writing Websites

Ms. Sanchez' Class is a wonderful site with many downloadable graphic organizers. Ms. Sanchez' Class also has a Teacher’s Corner with an abundance of resources from teacher ideas and thematic units to website links with printable worksheets and much, much more.

The wonderful thing about this website’s graphic organizers is they are downloadable and ready to use. There is a wide selection from KWL charts to Venn Diagrams. Also, in the Download Café you can find language art’s posters dealing with many elements of writing from similes and metaphors to transitional phrases.

WritingDEN's Tips-O-Matic is a site with quick-tip guides to help students quickly review the mechanics of writing from grammar tips to paragraph formation. There are three categories to choose from: sentences (punctuation, verbs, commonly confused words); paragraphs (parts of a paragraph, pre-writing, and types of paragraphs with a list of words typically found within each discourse); and essays (which follow the same set-up as paragraphs). Use Tips-o-Matic for a quick review of grammar points or questions about writing paragraphs.

Tips-O-Matic is part of a larger writing website called WritingDEN’s, which offers a word of the day, teacher's guide with rationale and suggested activities and a variety of picture slideshows with audio on numerous topics in history, science, nature and lifestyle.

ESOL Essayist is a site that offers hands on tutorials for writing a five paragraph essay. It has a library section that addresses writing cohesion, grammar and punctuation. There are peer reviews and mini test exercises as well as a Teacher Resources link with handouts and ways to scaffold.

Grammar Blog- is a blog created by Jane Straus that provides helpful rules and answers to grammar questions; with a link to Grammarbook.com where you can access examples, fun quizzes and grammar videos.

All of these sites offer great resources for students to improve their writing skills and expand their vocabulary. 

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