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Monday, June 13, 2011


Quizlet is a flashcard and educational online gaming site that allows you to create your own flashcards or use the wealth of flashcards already available. If you want to create a set of flashcards you must register for a free account.

The site has several functions and once you have created a set of flashcards or chosen to use one of the many already on the site, you can get familiar with the vocabulary, learn/studyplay two online games and take a test.

The familiarize section allows you to review the vocabulary "flashcard style" by sliding through the flashcards; you can choose to see the word and definition at the same time or only the definition or only the word. This is a wonderful way to learn the word or see how many you already now.

The learning/studying section gives you either the definition or word and prompts you to type in the correct response. Quizlet keeps track of your responses so you know what word(s) still need some work.

Space Race a variation on matching that has the student type in the correct word as the definition scrolls across the screen; the player must type the word in quickly before the definition disappears off the screen. A great game for quick recognition, but the player must also have quick typing skills (another electronic literacy skill that can be simultaneously worked on).

Scatter an online matching game were the definitions and words are randomly scattered across the screen and the user must drag and drop the matching word and definition together. Once the correct definition and word are placed together they disappear. This is a timed game to help with quick recall and recognition.  

Finally, the test section will generate a 10 question quiz from the flashcard set. The questions range from short answer, multiple choice and true/false; each time the test button is selected a new test is generated allowing students to take multiple tests.

Check out the environmental flashcards I created using Quizlet.

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